Mission and goals

The Oral Health Foundation Rwanda (OHFR) wants to contribute to the health of the less fortunate rural population of Rwanda by working together with the population. By the strong belief that only a nation is able to create the foundation for economic development and national health, the Oral Health Foundation Rwanda (OHFR) wishes a joint-effort with the people of Rwanda to provide better healthcare for the poor farmers and less fortunate citizens in the inlands of the country. She does this by contributing to setting up better and structural dental facilities in Rwanda. Due to a healthy society being the base of good economic development, which together with educational development provides a stable and peaceful cooperation between different communities, the OHFR strives to contribute to good health care by using this method.

The goals of the Oral Health Foundation Rwanda (OHFR) are:

  1. Providing dental healthcare to the people of Rwanda by dentists who are connected to the OHFR.
  2. Promoting preventive dental healthcare in Rwanda.
  3. Providing Dental Preventive Programs (DPP) and Atraumatic Restorative Treatments (ART) at schools throughout the country.
  4. Providing workshops to dental therapists of Rwanda.
  5. Providing information and mediation to dentists from abroad who want to (temporarily) work in Rwanda.
  6. Providing assistance to building and optimizing dental clinics in Rwanda.
  7. Engaging in all activities, in the broadest sense of the word, which are conducive to achieving the objectives above.

To reach her goals the OHFR cooperates with ‘centres de santé’ (health centres) to set up an infrastructure to make it possible for dentists to visit dental clincs regulary. Both preventive and curative care need attention. The OHFR therefore developed a Dental Preventive Program (DPP) and provides Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (ART).