Welcome to the official website of the Oral Health Foundation Rwanda.

In Rwanda 60% of the children suffer tooth decay, while the situation among adults is even worse due to diseases like AIDS and mouth cancer. Rwanda with a population of more than 11 million people has about 20 dentists. One per 600,000 people! And these dentists mostly work in the capital city: Kigali.  The 2005 Rwanda Oral Health Policy Report of Rwanda states that in the coming years all forms of oral care urgently demand attention: “A functioning and sustainable oral health policy that provides acceptable, affordable and accessible health services to all communities in Rwanda and is supported by health education, health promotion and integrated into in the general health system.”.

From the love for the country and the Rwandan population, the Oral Health Foundation Rwanda (OHFR) was founded in 2006. The Oral Health Foundation Rwanda (OHFR) wants to improve dental care for the people of Rwanda. The OHFR will do so by offering dental care, especially to the rural communities by setting up an infrastructure of dental healthcare. In cooperation with excisting centres de santé (health centers) the OHFR aims to inform local people about dental care through prevention programs. The OHFR also provides oral care when needed.

The OHFR has become a big succes and has visited already many districts in Rwanda. The OHFR is a Dutch Registred NGO and a registered INGO (International Non-Governmental Organization) in Rwanda. The OHFR is connected to the dutch foundations de Stichting GeefGratis and AlleGoedeDoelen.nl

We would like to thank all our donors, sponors, our family and friends, our partners and volunteers in Rwanda for their contributions and for all the wonderful experiences.